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India’s First Assistive Technology Accelerator

Enabling DISABILITY focused Start-ups

Nurture Assistive Technology Start-ups

To Empower Persons with Disability

Country’s First Assistive Technology Conclave, 2019

Focused on Tech Startups for Disability - 23rd Aug 2019 . Chief Guest: Cricketing Legend Rahul Dravid

ATA’s 3-Pronged Approach to Build the Ecosystem


Incubate Early Stage Ideas

Taking an idea or plan from initial or early stages in a structured manner, such that it is ready for execution via a well thought out strategy, is often key to its success. ATA sees its role as being this catalyst


Nurture & Scale Existing Assistive Technology Startups

ATA provides guidance that is required to go from an early stage to one that can be systematically scaled. Giving the start up the right feedback, access to our resource ecosystem and experienced and relevant mentoring is key to the process


Solve Larger Disability Issues through collaboration

Creating wide reaching social impact through collaborative methods, building an ecosystem that spans across multiple domains and capabilities are amongst ATA’s methods to help start ups achieve far reaching impact


Disability is a large problem

Over a Billion people live with some form of disability, which needs to be addressed quickly

2 Billion* people

Will need at least one assistive product by 2030 and we are building the ecosystem that will meet these needs

Globally, more than 1 billion people

Need one or more assistive products and we are helping these product companies find their users is a key goal of ATA

Have access to any Assistive products, we aim to change this equation for the better

Disability Startup Ecosystem in India

Is fragmented, with stakeholders working in Silos. ATA is putting together a world class ecosystem that will accelerate reach of Assistive technologies to intended users

Existing Incubators & Accelerators

Have low interest in Disability Sector and have limited access to Disabled Community & Experts

* WHO Report (May’2018)

ATA Incubatee Startups

Using technology, we strive to remove terms like impairment, challenged and marginalized from human vocabulary, one section at a time


Our assistive technology innovations are focused at creating an inclusive world with a firm believe that technology can empower the differently abled


Inclov is a matchmaking platform for people with disabilities to make friends and find love

What people say

Today, the number of products and solutions to help the disabled being developed in India is significantly low, and the few startups who are working in this space find it hard to scale. ATA aims to create an ecosystem that will bring together the entrepreneurs, NGOs, investors, researchers, corporates, consumers etc. This will help foster innovation and better living for the disabled

Ravi NarayanATA Advisory Board & Mentor

I see ATA as being the catalyst that will enable companies to exponentially increase the impact of their products and services to the disability sector and accelerate their success and look forward to personally participating in this exciting endeavor, having an enriching experience and thankful to be given the opportunity to participate and contribute

Jawahar BekayATA Advisory Board & Mentor

Technology gives a great opportunity to bring innovative yet basic value to the disabled. ATA will provide enormous leverage to startups in the disabled space by giving access to the disabled community and also enabling technology acceleration

SuryaprakashATA Advisory Board & Mentor

ATA will provide a platform for Assistive Technology companies to take off. The accelerator will greatly benefit start-ups focussing on disability by bringing together NGOs, disability experts, Corporate CSR initiatives, Govt agencies and consumers with disability. It is a privilege to be part of ATA and contribute to the growth of these start-ups

Krishnamoorthy AnanthasivamATA Advisory Board & Mentor

ATA is a much needed support to promote innovation to make the world accessible and create level playing field in the lives of millions of people who face significant barriers at work and society today

Bala GirisaballaMentor

The social mission within the ATA platform is inspiring. I am humbled and grateful to be a part of the platform, providing an opportunity to help accelerate assistive technologies that are creating an equal and inclusive environment for differently-abled

Sunil VarhadkarMentor

Having attended a few lean startup accelerators previously, ATA is the most direct and growth driven accelerator for an accessibility tech enterprise. Personal involvement of mentors continuously helped the team identify and refine core focus areas accelerating growth, resolving challenges

Gaurav MittalCo-Founder & CEO, EYE-D

Innovision has been innovating in the assistive technology space to make solutions affordable for persons with disabilities. We are excited to be a part of the ATA program and contribute to building the assistive technology ecosystem in India. We hope that programs like ATA can help scale up the impact of solutions like BrailleMe tremendously

Surabhi SrivastavaCo-Founder, Innovision

ATA can be for start-ups in assistive tech and disability space what Y Combinator was for companies like Airbnb and Dropbox while they were starting up. Startups require that much-needed partner hours and guidance from industry experts to scale and ATA is that successful first step in the space of disability

Kalyani KhonaCo-Founder, Incov
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